What is Quantum Change Coaching?


 ‘A vivid, surprising, benevolent and then during personal transformation.’ Miller, William R.. Quantum Change (p. 4). Guilford Publications. Kindle Edition.

When we look at Quantum Change takes place at various levels inside. Vivd and Surprising

Through a process of questioning and reflection the world changes because of the way you see things. Even though the circumstance does not change you are able to see the past event see that in a very different way.

Benevolence because for many people there is an all overwhelming feel feeling of kindness and gratitude that comes with the insight.

And enduring; a permanent change for once it has been seen and the inside has been experienced you’ll never see that situation all your life in the same way again.

This coaching is a partnership where the aim is to draw out of you the answers to the questions you’re already asking that rather than looking outside for the solution even looking to your coach you look inside to your wisdom.

How does quantum change coaching work?

Stage One. The foundation.

Identity – Understand your true nature, the part of you that never changes but also informs how are you behave day to day through your beliefs and values and their self image of constructive.

Creating our experience– Exploring how we create our experience through three fundamental principles of thought, mind and consciousness and the Single Paradigm.

Stage Two – Re-Discover and Reframe.

With a firm foundation we now look at what problems you have perceived to have in your life; relationships, confidence, anxiety, fear with a firm foundation you are able to overcome all of them.